Cast of Characters

I have been planning this post for a VERY LONG TIME (draft created in 2009 ahem). The Cast has changed much but I think the people are still around heh.

The number one star on this blog is, of course, The Bride. Real life friend turned online constant she is, if I were ever to use the phrase, my best friend. Which is funny because we have very few actual tastes in common (yes yes, idlis). The mutual shrinking, the need to obsessively analyse life and seek patterns, the complete and utter lack of judgement with each other all make up for this though hee.

Amma and Appa are, of course, self explanatory, but for those who don’t get it, they are my mother and my father respectively. Scoo is my sister, who lives in Umreeka with husband and fruit (soon to be fruits) of loins commonly known as light of my life and centre of my universe. (Now officially christened Squeaky and Squawky for the purposes of the blog.)

Other relatives are my cousins The Poo and Acrosticus, though other cousins do comment now and then.

From the past we have BBot, the ex boyfriend and Dragon, the ex best friend. The collapse of the only relationship I had was quickly followed by Dragon picking a guy she’d known 6 months over our 8 year friendship. In hindsight more his loss than mine eh?

In Delhi we have Chocolate Boy, the first of the long term friends I made on OKC, or so I thought, because one day he dropped me like hot potato, and even though I effected what I thought was a reconciliation, later he made it super clear how little he valued me and thus now holds the distinction of being the first person *I* have put my foot down over! He was also briefly referred to as Mr. Darcy because I wasn’t sure if I had the lau feelings for him.

Then there’s Mad Writer, best friend of CB above, who has turned out to be the only one of that group of four boys I spent most of the beginning of last year with who actually values me. He is utterly insane and only when he is stoned can he be released in public. Really. Also rather genius writer and writer of the first book I’ve worked on from moment of conception to moment of publication. He also, though in his own way, shows me I matter, and has staunchly refused to take sides in the warzone that is CB and me. He holds the distinction of being the person who taught me to say no. He’s been heard saying that in hindsight, maybe that was a bad thing because now I say it all the time hee.

There’s Organised Writer from that group, who went batshit crazy with insecurity and began to hurl all sorts of accusations at me and then refused to work with me and continues to believe I did him terrible wrongs in the year I worked with him on his book and pushed it in the office. Ah well. You win some you lose some.

There’s Favourite Colleague, who is gay best friend, only things had become very strange for a year or so. He started doing a lot of theatre, and then had family issues and acquired a boyfriend, who was also dear friend of mine, only at some point boyfriend decided I was jealous of them and dropped me like hot potato, and FC himself just zoned out. But things have improved now and while we don’t have hour long life update chats over lunch anymore (since lunch is no longer just us), and don’t hang out outside work that much we have a strong backburner friendship.

Kutti is my flatmate and honorary cousin. Very young, rather tiny and extremely explosive–we have a terribly sibling relationship that sprang into life two months after we met. We gripe and snarl and quibble and quarrel, and hug and cuddle and cook and generally love each other to bits. Which is good. Because we will then survive how we drive each other mad about house stuff being aggressively passive aggressive with each other and oh so roundabout and polite. Hee.

Mungi is another real life friend from the Pisspot, who was also roommate for a while and formed a trio of love and joy with Dragon, though I think Dragon dropped her too when she didn’t pick sides or something like that. She is tiny and leans a LOT. She also talks in accented postmodernism so can be rather hard to decipher in comments sometimes ;) She’s obsessed with insects and cannot finish a sentence to save her life.

The Knight, formerly known as KSA, Lithium and Boytoy, is the person who held me together most of last year and some of this. I met him off his blog, which I must have gotten onto via Dragon’s but I don’t remember, and it became a rather intense real life frielationship. That’s a word I just coined for two people who are just friends but behave like they are in a relationship and, however complicated it all sounds, do not, really, at the end of the day want to be with each other at all. But frielationships have breakups too and those hurt too, especially when one person moves on to a relationship lickety-split. But it’s ok; we survived, and I have actually made my peace with the demotion as it were and with having less time and attention, which to be fair has more to do with work than girlfriend. And underneath it all, I love him and he loves me and we both know this. Which is more than most people can say, eh? (Though I have a feeling I’m going to get a talking-to about this description.)

TDI, or Tall Dark and Intense, is the object of affections (OA) and was also called The Flake, is the last in a long line of boymen whose boy I don’t see until it’s too late. A long time ago we were colleagues but since he has a policy of not socializing with colleagues, we never hung out despite a giant gang of common friends. When he turned up in Delhi, CB has just started his weird treatment, I was in one of the deeper of the dips of this decidip depression, and a random conversation led to a random meeting which ended up being such fun that we began to hang out a lot. It was only in October when the Bride visited that I saw the amazing man he was and a crush quickly developed into feelings from whence it was but a short hop to love. Only, after BBot, I’d found it so very hard to even contemplate the horror of falling in love again that I didn’t realise it until it was too late, and then I naively hoped that this man would be an adult and it would work out one way or another. Only, over the past two months the boy has eclipsed the man, and I have bled and burned and been excoriated by his flakiness and his obvious taking me for granted and finally, last night, I said no, please don’t try and see me this weekend (only to flake on me and leap with alacrity at every possible distraction or excuse), I can’t deal with you anymore. And that is the page turned and hopefully the chapter closed. And then it reopened. With apologies and honesty and appreciation and demonstrated care. And no, I’m still not over him at the end of 2013. But it’s ok. He’s back to being the man I fell in love with.

Second Me is a wonderful girl I met at Jaipur. Well Kutti met her first and claims I stole her hee, only I met her through FC so hah! A couple of years younger she is so much like me and not as well. Her situation and her issues match mine rather well, and on OKC, to which I introduced her, we end up overlapping a lot. At first this was cause for some awkwardness, especially when the first interesting person to write to her was CB, but we don’t care anymore. I see in her so much of me from an earlier time and sometimes it breaks my heart and I want to make sure that at least she doesn’t feel as desperately alone as I did, that no one at all could ever understand why and how she is how she is conflicted and broken. Then I think who am I to help anyone! She’s also hysterically funny, so very social and an asset to my life. Which is not to say we won’t have our problems heh but I think we have made a foundation that could really last.

The Glare is actually my oldest friend now! Thirteen years we’ve known each other; met in college and bumbled along being friends and being there for each other.

Flamenca is a flamenco singer and travel guide I met in a complicated manner involving a bar, Dragon and a hot guy she had her eye on, but I’m very glad I was possessed to walk up to a total stranger and say hi you look lonely, come hang with us. One of those mad mad women I have instance connection and insane fun with, she appointed herself my pimp last year and was really very good at it. She is the one I discovered 4S punjabi with, and it is STILL our bar and we must visit it at least once a month.

The Marathoner, who is a friend two ways. He knows the Flake from when they were studying together, and he knows Mungi’s sister from when THEY were in the UK together. A nice clean-cut and terribly polite boy, he takes my endless teasing in good humour and god bless him drives my car when I don’t want to. He is at present the only south Indian man in my life regularly, other than Kutti of course. He’s turning thirty soon and has decided he wants to do a triathlon, so there is much talk of running and RICE and cycling and bad pools and so on. We spend many evenings in comfortable conversations, and he is one of the kindest, politest, most courteous and thoughtful guys it has been my fortune to know. Kutti calls him full on marriage material, and I can’t disagree!

The Wise One is someone I met serendipitously and we just got along. Most of our interactions are on chat, but now I’ve moved closer to him I see him more often. Much older he is a very calming influence on me and knows just how to remind me I’m an adult without upsetting me, besides generally making me feel good about myself.

2B1M (2 Bodies 1 Mind) or 2J1J (do jism ek jaan) is a colleague who also knows Second Me. We met, we got along like mad, and she really became that friend I have desperately needed in my daily life, the person with the unconditional love and support, the friend who is FAMILY, who did for me what I did for other people. <3 <3 <3

The Hag is someone who was at the Pisspot with The Bride and me and, apart from her disgustingly youthful looks, is a woman of uncommon intellect and imposing credentials. She is married to The Loud One. Nuff said.

Jholagirl is the fourth in our Pisspot foursome, and has moved from Gurgaon to Delhi so yay we see a lot more of her. She is married to Jeetu.

The Writing Twins are these two guy who wrote a book and are writing another. I met one of them, Castor, randomly and then I met Pollux, who it turns out went to college with me. They are both very smart and easygoing; Pollux talks more than Castor; Castor walks around in a cloud of bizarre deep-rooted mellowness. They work well in the pair or separately and have brought much love into my life, though Castor will chew off his own left testicle before admitting to the feels.(later research showed me that all it really took was half a bottle of whiskey, or the acquisition of a girlfriend.) Pollux however is vocal enough for me =) They are people who treated me like I treated them, right from the start. We even played a game about how they’d need to win ten points from me to get invited to JLF parties. And they played along. They made plans with me and kept them. They insisted we hang out and NOT talk about the book, and then actually did it. They were accepting and understanding of me when I said listen I give too much too soon so wait. ok? I’m not saying you’re going to exploit me, but I need to wait before I leap in. I need to do this for my own sanity. They gave me faith in my own judgement again. And to some extent in other people too, especially of the male species.

Okay, more people will be added as they occur to me.


8 thoughts on “Cast of Characters”

  1. Excellent idea this is, especially for dolts like me.

  2. I’m trying to guess who all those writers are now :D

  3. anonymous1 said:

    Hey there, I came across your blog on on the blogs I follow. Love it. I am very very curious to know what you’ve studied and where. I know it’s weird to be randomly interested in knowing random details about people you don’t know. But I have studied Spanish for many years and I’m instantly interested in anyone/anything even remotely Spanish. :P In fact it’s so cool to read some references to Spanish people on your blog. :)

    • well i’d be happy to tell you but you won’t even leave me a link to an online identity!
      but thank you for commenting =) i’m always thrilled to get a new reader

      • anonymous1 said:

        :) I so want to, but I just started writing a blog anonymously…just sort of to discipline myself and don’t want my name anywhere lest I’m inhibited to express. Plus there’s no way to send you an e-mail without commenting on a public forum :(

      • awww you can email me! it says so somewhere doesn’t it? damn wordpress. i know it did on blogger! also ahem the comment notification email i just got has your email address…
        anyway write to me at themincat at gmail dot com.
        and good luck!

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