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Apparently this movie was thought provoking enough to push me out of posting lethargy!

So, in fine old tradition, The Knight and I went to see it last night. Since the early days we’ve watched a lot of superhero movies and it’s now become kind of a thing–poor boy is not allowed to watch them without me hee. But then I am also willing to see an 840 show on a weeknight and go to bed at 1230, a good 3 hours past my bedtime. Fair’s fair.

So, the movie. On Facebook I’ve seen a lot of people call it a K-Jo movie, and I can see why. There is definitely a melodrama to the romance–and please ya there’s actually a lovers making eyes at each other across a tree moment. But then I love Bollywood so I’m not complaining. (To digress a bit again, apparently K-Jo is seeing one of the boys from Student of the Year. Apparently this is exciting news.) I thought I’d so a what I liked/what I didn’t like kinda thing, only I realised there wasn’t anything I disliked at all!

First off, the reason the Spiderman franchise appeals to me is that it’s a romance. Really, the core is the romance. The reason I like this one much more than the Toby Macguire ones is because well, Toby was just sad and pathetic and tragic, while this boy, Andrew Garfield I want to say, has sass. Like serious sass. I love it. Also Emma Stone that goddess. And their chemistry is insane. Truly so. So happiness in my chick flick is one big thing I liked about the movie.

My next favourite thing about it was that, unlike every superhero movie I’ve seen in ages, there was story. The story built right up to the last 20 minutes where the defeat the villain fight happens. No dragging it out endlessly. No nonsense disjointed buildup you’ll only get if you have read the comics and seen all the other movies in the franchise, followed by one hour of FX. Also no excessively gratuitous action sequences. Like the Star Trek movie of 2009, it worked even if you didn’t already love the world.

I also REALLY liked the cinematography. Does that include the slow-mo sequences and stuff? Because those were AMAZE. The whole idea of freezing and spinning perspective on action sequences was visually breathtaking. Must also say the soundtrack was superb too. It just came together, the effects, the electrical guy, and dubstep. Superb.

Ok just thought of something I didn’t like. Harry Osborn. Much preferred the James Franco interpretation of the character. It has depth and layers and so on. This was just deranged Edward-Cullen-like monster. Electro was humanized so much more.

Ok now i’m done.