A couple of days ago KSA (happy?), earlier known as Lithium and BoyToy, was whining to me about how boring my blog is because I’m telling the story of my sexlife. I know, right? Knight in Shining Armour my ass. More like Knight in Cloak of Entitlement. =D hee. Anyway, he suggested I post the compendium of silly things my mother and I came up with on this trip. So here goes:

When buying mangoes, Amma, who has the execrable habit of never locking the car, tried to unlock the car to to put the mangoes away. *beep* it said, as it locked itself. So I told her about the old Chinese proverb: To unlock a door you must lock it first.

Thanks to my niece, we have taken to calling curds tai-tai, instead of thair. Apparently, during the course of this week, the starter went iffy and the curds wasn’t up to standard, so Amma started a new batch. That night, when Appa moved to mix the two batches together, as is usual procedure at the end of the day, Amma stopped him and demanded that they be segregated, leading to the first instance of Apartai-taied in our house.

Appa has made the momentous switch from CDMA to GSM and there has been much excitement this morning over the transfer, leading to much discussion of plans and rates and who RELIANCE IS THE BEST (eyeroll), and I said my calls are 60p a minute local and STD but my pulse rate is 1 second. To which Amma responded, my pulse has always been 80 a minute.