Did you read a book this year that left you craving more when it was over?

This is a cheating question to ask someone in publishing…I did indeed read a book that left me wanting more, but it was a manuscript, and it won’t be out till April in India and September abroad. And of course, being in publishing I got to demand and read beginning of sequel heh. I also know what happens through the series.

Seriously though, what does it mean to be left craving more? Do I want more info on what happened to characters, or on subject if it’s nonfic? Do I want more writing by this author? Do I want this book to never end?

As far as the first goes, Cracked (abovementioned hee) definitely fits the bill, as does a book of mine that did come out last year–Land of the Seven Rivers. That one is non-fiction, and really really good. A book about India’s history, but in a tidbitty, things you never knew way that completely avoids the usual tropes of history books, I loved it when I got the manuscript, and then while working on it came to deeply admire the author and be very grateful to work with someone who works the same way I do! At the end of it all I want to say is MOARRRRRR. These bill Brysony books about India are SO FASCINATING that I just anted him to keep writing about various parts of India. I hope he does. Actually, this book fulfills all three of the interpretations of the questions I have up there–I want more information about all sorts of things in the book; I want more by him, anything; I want the books to never end.

I really don’t mean to plug my own books but I have also realized the occupational hazard about working in publishing is that nothing gets the kind of intense attention a book you work on does–I mean I have read these books six or seven times each, in the space of two or three months.So when I likes em, I likes em good.