This is just not a good month for the world, no?

Off the cuff, this is what is annoying me about the terrible situation in Libya:

  1. USAmericans worrying not about successfully saving the innocent civilians of Libya, who are already being sodomized by their ruler, but about how USAmerican forces are not “taking the lead.”
  2. Again I ask, for the eleven millionth time, who died and made ‘the West’ god? When has an intervention resulted in anything good for anyone?
  3. When are we going to disband that most pointless of organizations, the United Nations? Keep the UNICEF etc, but please, stop pretending that they care about the general welfare and security of countries that are not Western Europe or the USA.
  4. Dithering! Why did they dither so much? Why not help when help was useful? Like when the rebels had control of most of the important bits of the country? Gaddafi has the oil now.
  5. The inability of all these people to decide on one single way to spell the man’s name!!!!!! (this one most I think.)