Everyone has their slight tinge of OCD, right? Whether it’s someone wanting everything done their way, or needing minions all the time, or not being able to step on cracks or washing hands and never eating food that’s fallen down…er… you get my drift. This evening, as I refolded all the clothes the maid had folded, including the towels, whose only crime was that they were inside out as it were, and I could see the label tucked into the hem, I thought I should make a list of mine.


  1. Folding things just right. Shirts and top half things in thirds, evenly, so that they are as small as possible, and then doubled or trebled depending on length. Pants folded with the butt on the outside and the crotch pulled out as far as possible, and then reshaped to fit regular shape. It takes me about 10 minutes to fold a salwar, and I’m usually scared of patialas. Square/rectangular things with corners and edges matching up perfectly, and if they’re warped, then the outside must not show anything uneven!
  2. Getting every last faint feeling of dirt or oil off the vessels on the outside and bottom as well as the inside. 
  3. Putting off lights and fans and switches when I’m not using them. OR someone else has temporarily left the room.
  4. Noting down page numbers of books left open facedown, and then closing them with a muttered curse for person who left them so.
  5. On a related note, smoothing out all dog-ears in a book before I read it.
  6. Needing everything in a system. Even if I think up the system after 95% of chaos has been included, I will spend hours fixing it and then halfway through come up with something new and start over. To wit, the music debacle.
  7. Things must be angled. Appa and I have clashed over this many times, because in his universe things must be perfectly aligned and at right angles. Good thing my room is a hexagon!
  8. Rinsing dishes out before leaving them in the sink, and preferably soaking them also.
  9. Homogeneity in my mouthfuls – every mouthful must have the same proportion of all components. One reason why I love one dish meals, and eating with my hands.
  10. Spotless counter before bed. Wiped down with cleaner and all. And scrubbing the sink after doing the dishes to get the lil bits of food stuck to the sides off.
  11. How my chai is made first thing in the morning: Measure 3/4ths of a large mug of water, pour into pan, put on fire, add milk to just the right colour, put in one spoon of Society tea leaves, and leave on sim till it comes to a boil. Turn up till it almost boils over and off and pour out onto sugar that was put into the wet mug and has half dissolved already. Edit: The Mungi is the only person to ever have managed to make it just right. For which we love her. And that’s why we managed to survive a year living together ;)
Not OCD:
  1. Eating off the floor. Really, if it’s not sticky and wet and I dropped it, I’ll pick it right up and eat it. This one gives BBot the heebie jeebies.
  2. Daily baths. TMI people? Hee. You want this blog to revive it won’t be pretty ;) As long as it averages out to about 365 a year it’s all good.
  3. Making my bed. I got into the habit while in college of hopping out of bed and making it immediately, and changing the sheets every week like clockwork. Not so much anymore. If I DO make it though, it has to be perfect…with a king bedspread on a double bed, lengthwise, and the top tucked under the pillows and the extra hanging off equally on every side, and NOTHING touching the floor. While off the bed the spread spends all its life in a bundle on the floor, but details…
People who know me in real life, any contributions?

PS: I’m dedicating this one to BBot, who, over the past year, quietly and uncomplainingly adopted 3, 4 and 8, and panders to 11 by letting me make my own chai, and 2 by letting me wash the dishes. Though maybe some of that has to do with my needing chai long before he’s awake, and him disliking my standing behind him muttering as he does the dishes and then not surreptitiously feeling all of them and redoing them…