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It’s official. MinCat is a Bollywood whorejunkie. I’m sitting in a plane en route to Dubai and I’m wondering why the FUCK I didn’t get around to watching Wake Up Sid while it was in theatres. Granted, I didn’t know Konkona was in it, but even her stellar acting aside (oh man, I was just blown away in that scene when she’s dripping form the water he’s thrown all over her and he hugs her), it’s such a fabulous movie. 
Perhaps it my adoration has something to do with it being shortened for a plane; or perhaps something to do with being an aspiring photographer, and being reminded heavily of college in Delhi (boasting alert, where I did work on a play with Konkona who was my senior and a total sweetie); or maybe I was just insanely amused by how immensely obnoxious Rahul Khanna’s character is, having met several people who patronise other people for their tastes – whatever the cause I feel like I’m watching a movie tailor-made for me. I laughed. I swore. I giggled. I sniffled. I even cried a bit – though that might have more to do with leaving the beloved niece than the movie itself. Granted, there’s no way she could afford that flat or to furnish it without a job; and hahah let’s not even approach the seamless ease with which she jobs was found and passed on to him; but I think many people I know could identify with that life. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have never had a movie-watching experience that simple incorporated me into itself so comprehensively. I worry that nothing else will satisfy on this flight now.
Edit: no, nothing did.