I have never been a girly-girl, or cursi as my dear friend R would say. I wear skirts, and dangling earrings, but I’m not “put together”; I don’t do “outfits”; I just throw stuff together, check to see it doesn’t clash horribly, wiggle to see if I’m comfy, and am out the door. I also never do anything much with my hair – I manage to comb it once every three days. Sometimes less. I usually yank it back into a ponytail, scraped tight because I hate wisps.

But no, I have suddenly caught myself becoming one of those girls!
It all started with BBot telling me I should part my hair on the side. Then he moved on to ohhh don’t tie it up you look so pretty, followed by stealing of hair bands. Then I found a haircutter (much like a woodcutter?) who gave me bangs. And another one who gave me MORE, and shorter, bangs. Which are pretty and all, but when I wash my hair and it’s doing it’s curly-wavy thing, it’s a horror.
So, from a girl who washes her hair, grabs a hair tie and scrapes it back into a ponytail or a bun, I have become a girl who washes her hair, blow dries and irons the front, and then ties back the wet hair in the usual bun, with bangs framing my face.
I have also started dressing “together”! A lot has to do with acquiring trendy clothes that FIT, and getting over some body issues, but put the two together and look! I’m a whole other person!
I also used to say, that once I acquired a SigOth, I would not be one of those people who stops hanging out with her friends, and spends all her time home with boy, or hanging out with other couples.
Fat chance.
Whod’a thunk it?