As the birthday approaches (no I’m not turning thirty, but am turning three years away from it), I found an old post form a very old blog.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

  1. see the following in concert: Dave Matthews Band (check), Santana, Mana (almost, sob), The Wallflowers (meh), U2, Coldplay (not anymore), the Goo Goo Dolls (woevah), Euphoria (could live without), Live (nope). possibly more.
    I would like to see: Juanes and March Anthony though.
  2. visit Hispanoamerica, most especially Peru and Chile.
    Oh no not anymore. Now it’s Colombia, the DR, and Venezuela! And I did manage to go to Mexico, so check.
  3. go to Norway.
    Good lord, WHY? Now Amsterdam…Though actually would do Norway at some point for the fjords.
  4. live in Canada.
    Still would, but it’s shunted down the list, below many other places, perhaps not as cold, but def more cool. hee.
  5. walk through snowfall. [oh shut up]
  6. learn to play the guitar properly.
    Hm…. might happen
  7. sing in public.
    Check. Every Thursday I’m in Hyderabad.
  8. taken trains all over India.
    Well….still have the east and west to do, but I think I’ve got it covered. However, I think I meant it along the lines of a trip. So maybe not. But doable.
  9. see Kashmir, or Jammu atleast.
    Still on the list. Ladakh – so close, yet so far.
  10. have two daughters and a son. adopt most prob.
    This one we shall pretend we have not seen even because the worms oh the resultant worms from that ginormous can…
  11. take a cruise, hopefully mediterranean or caribbean.
    Still on the list. Maybe 30th birthday eh?
  12. be slightly famous for photography. teensy bit even. little published.
    Well….did get that photo in the UK Times…and there might be developments coming up…
  13. read the complete works of mario vargas llosa, pablo neruda and manuel puig in spanish.
    Ahhh the enthu. Could still try. Maybe shoot for one book each.
  14. read, write and speak italian, portuguese, spanish, french, german, russian, tamil, gujarati and kiswahili.
    Man I was enthu.
  15. have a degree in art history.
    Still possible, but moving towards development economics. Eeesh.
  16. be paid for theatre work.
    Can keep dreaming =)