It’s interesting how people react to stereotypes about looks and attractivness. OOF, for example, gets very defensive while talking to me about what makes a woman attractive, because he just happens to like that more conventional type of girl. I, on the other hand, tend to refuse to credit someone with being attracted to me, even when they say they are, because I seem to buy into that stereotype too.

However, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a pattern with the boys I know, that tends to seek trophy women. Until they reach a certain degree of maturity I’ve seen that these boys will be completely into a non-conventionally attractive girl, with all those things that make for a good relationship, but they won’t take it that far for fear of ridicule by their peers – because the girl isn’t a trophy that the other boys will covet.
Perhaps I’m not as objective as I could be on the subject, since I am patently not a trophy girl, and have felt that sting so many times. But it’s a thought, isn’t it?