So I saw the movie and have been deeply affected by it. Sing the songs to myself most of the time. Read the reviews online. Force everyone I know to listen to the soundtrack. Offer to go and see it with anyone who’s interested.

Some reactions to the film and music puzzle me:
It’s a cliche! There’s no depiction of the musical creative process! There’s no psychological depth! The songs are basically ripoffs of much classic and pop rock.

Here’s my point: What did you expect? It’s BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!! The audience they are reaching out to is SO stratified that a common denominator has GOT to be low. Subtlety is great and all, but symbolism is more effective. Look at Indian politics and you’ll see how well it works. Sometimes I wonder at people who insist on applying irrelevant standards to life and its aspects in India (and other postcolonial nations [wheeee long time since you saw that word eh?]). When I read Six Suspects, I’m not expecting a thrilling, psychologically socially layered text that provides insight into the workings of the Indian justice system. I’m expecting a fairly stereotyped, highly predictable, sensationalist jumble thats trying to be very smooth and slick. And that’s what I got.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that we have nothing subtle, or sensitive, or talented in our cultural sphere in India. I’m just saying that when you’re in the middle of the churning of the creative process of a giant nation, theres going to be chaff. What you recieve transmitted from other nations usually has most of the chaff removed. So don’t act surprised that you, with more capita, have more chaff per capita than they do after they have winnowed.