Obviously I will miss most of the things I am grateful for! There are a few other things, however.

I’ll miss the subway. Oh man I’ll miss the subway. I mightn’t be an uber world traveller, but I have been about a bit. And nowhere in the WORLD does there exist a system as cheap and convenient as the MTA New York City Subway. It runs 24 hours a day. Almost every single route that runs during the day runs all night. It’s cheap. You can get almost anywhere in the city on $2, and I mean from the northernmost end of the Bronx to the easternmost end of Brooklyn. You can even pootle out into Long Island on that same $2 fare. To a woman who was raised in Indian cities, who, even at 25 cannot truly rebel against having a curfew if she’s out driving alone past midnight, the subway is intoxicatingly empowering! I remember, when I saw my first semester schedule back in August 2006, I was horrified to discover one of my classes ran to NINE P.M. and I’d have to ride the subway all the way home, by myself, once it was done. I was terrified, New York isn’t bunnyland. (Hmmm…perhaps in some ways *snicker*) Cut to December 2007, when I went to a party in Brooklyn and rode the subway home at 4am. Painlessly. Of course I wouldn’t take the train up beyond 140th St alone after 2am. I wouldn’t ride it if I were sleepy or tipsy. But there lies the magic, all I’d have to do is hop into a cab, one of MANY that trawl the streets of Manhattan, and ride it home, which would not cost me more than $15. That’s HARDLY expensive! And it is completely safe, especially since I usually spend the ride chatting away with the cabbie.

I’ll miss the water pressure in the shower, No, seriously. Shampoo and conditioner vanish, muscles revive and soaps scrubs of painlessly in the shower. No, this does NOT happen in the India I have lived in.

I’ll miss Hot and Crusty, the bakery that’s literally around the corner. And open 24 hours. And home to the best pizza I have ever eaten. In the same vein, I’ll miss Turkish food, and Mexican food, and Caribbean food; sangria, wine, margaritas, martinis, southern comfort and caipirinhas; all the Caribbean rum I’ve had the joy of drinking, aguardiente/mezcal – whatever you want to call it, agua fresca, cheesecake and tiramisu, peach pie and heaven knows what else!

I’ll miss the fall. My favourite weather, windy and chilly, but bright and sunny. The perfect days to spend sitting on the sidewalk, hopping from restaurant to restaurant, wandering about the city, giggling, singing tunes from Mary Poppins and taking pictures. The bright blue sky, with my glasses darkening when I sit on a bench in the park to read my book.

I’ll miss the chick flicks! I’ll miss watching them at 10am in matinee shows to save $6.

I’ll miss wandering about the East Village with my darling friends; I’ll miss curling up on their couch to watch REALLY bad TV and then refusing to leave.

I’ll miss The Scientist – I already miss all the good times we would have had. We still must make snow angels babe! And do more cooking trips!

I’ll miss people dropping in to spend a weekend visiting and cursing my stairs as they hump luggage up them.

I’ll miss my mad latin friends; the wild behaviour, copious drinking and dancing on the street.

I’ll miss my flamedame, ESPECIALLY because I was STUPID and lost all the pictures of it.

I’ll miss my sister, and I’ll miss talking to her twice a day. I’ll try from India, but it won’t be the same.

I’ll miss the trips out to Jersey to see my mad family there, madder now with the dog. I’ll miss the visits of the Poo.

I’ll miss being in the perfect time zone to chat endlessly with all my virtual friends, especially the real ones with virtual presences!

I’ll miss GH! And Gossip Girl. And Ugly Betty. And The Gilmore Girls. And DVR!

I’ll miss the snow, whatever little bits we get, despite the PAIN it is to navigate through.

I’ll miss the pleasant thrill when a random stranger on the street offers to help me.

I’ll miss being an attractive, sexy woman.

I’ll miss the New York Public Library. Dear GOD I’ll miss the NYPL. The sheer joy of having almost instant access to almost ANY book you want! Look for it, reserve it, and wait till they tell you to pick it up at the branch of your choice. All for FREE!!!!

And lastly, I will miss Fairway. My darling supermarket. I pray that we can be together again! You, me and the 8-grain bread.