*blythely resuming as if her last post was yesterday*

This morning I finally got off my ample arse and made it to the gym. I use the phrase made it because I literally tumbled out of bed, dressed, and fell into the car. Who would have thought, knowing the history of the MinCat, that she would become such gym-junkie? Seriously, until a few years ago nothing produced more loathing than the idea of waking up early to go and get sweaty inside a room somewhere. *ahem* pipe down in the back there! But now, the minute I’m on that elliptical trainer and I break the first sweat, I’m riding high! It’s ridiculous. Not ridiculous enough to ensure I actually DO it EVERY day, but still. Anyway, 40 minutes later, I was striding out, smugly noting that my posture had straightened out, my back was loose and flexible and every muscle in my body was tingling. Tingling enough to make me giggle.

I’m always delighted by the tingling, because I always forget it for some reason. Whatever kind of tingling, once I repeat the action and it returns I’m always going “urrrrrh? wheeeeeeeee!” much like my dogs do when let off the leash early in the morning. Another example from this morning. We had dosai for breakfast. Now, in my childhood and older there was no breakfast more special, more eagerly awaited, more ecstatically consumed than dosai. Only I hated chutney and always ate em with sambar, sugar and ghee. Lately, since I moved to oosaland, I find myself craving idlis instead. With chutney. This morning I got to pick the kind of chutney [I think my mum is impressed by how good I’ve been being, for otherwise she would NEVER have let me] and it was coriander coconut chutney. The minute I took that first bite, of warm, crisp and gooey dosai with that chutney, I took off in a paroxysm of tingling again, this time centred on my digestive tract*. I’m tingling again in recollection. It’s not as if I had never eaten the combination before, and it’s not as if it hadn’t produced the same result before. But it was, indeed, as if it were the first time!

I wonder, then, if it is built into the concept of tingling, that it should always be a surprise?

*I am firmly convinced that as the human race evolves either a previous or a future form will have or had tastebuds in its stomach, just as I am firmly convinced that I am a throwback or a prototype of this. I SWEAR. If food is really good, I can taste it in my stomach. For hours after I’ve eaten.