I just discovered all the cool things I can do with my sitemeter. and I found people visit me from Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Ohio, somewhere in the south central united states [Texas maybe?], Wrentham Massachusetts, Pittsburgh [wait I know this one, right?], Stoke-on-Trent, Rottingdean Birmingham, Frence, Sint-Martens-Latem BELGIUM, Stuttgart Germany, people all over India, while I can’t figure out which one is who specifically I can believe the places except the one in the middle that makes me think it’s Bhopal???, Brisbane and somewhere jus south of the middle of Australia.

Who ARE you?????
Suddenly I feel way cooler than I ever have in all my years [3? 4?] of blogging.
If you don’t mind very much wldja pleeeeease say hi and where you’re from in the comments box? Or send me an email. I am a cat after all and we all know what curiosity does to my species!