In the bathrooms in my building in NYU, there is usually no heat. Worse, however, is the toilet paper. Now being a good Girl From South of the Himalayas I am not very fond of the concept to begin with. And in New York it is exacebated by how cheap they are with it! The paper in NYU is much like butter paper and confined to a single transparent sheet. The paper in JFK and La Guardia is even worse, if possible. I assumed it was a factor of the publicness of the facilities only to discover it is not so! In Boston’s Logan airport, and here in sunny California, even in the Oakland airport and the Saravana Bhavan in Sunnyvale that is far flung enough to not be connected by the BART, they have delightful, multiple-ply, soft and verging on spongy paper.

Does this say anything about New York and New Yorkers?

One answer: Yup. We have no nerves in our bums.