It’s been a strange day. Dear me I swore I wouldn’t let this become another I woke and brushed my teeth this morning blogs. But. It’s been one of those days. It’s 6pm and I’m on the squishy couch in the study, as I have been most of the day. Except when i was coming back from little errands and sat on the bench on the road divider to read my book and eat a cookie, cos it was such a beautiful bright sunny day. Also cold and windy. And then I read one Jennifer Crusie and am on my second. And it’s about a chubby girl called Min (short for Minerva). It’s full of food and loving food, and discovering a teeny italian restaurant and having the one thing on the menu you always eat. Seeing how this evening is not going to be the way I really want it to be, albeit a fun evening, I have been driven to the evils of chocolate. Real hot chocolate. Made with cooking chocolate melted into boiling water. And stirred till it cools, followed by a tichy bit of milk, and then brought to a boil. Evil, Sinful, Dark Chocolate. *sigh*